2015/11/29 ~ Realm Productions Encounter

FACEBOOK PAGE: https://www.facebook.com/Realm-Productions-104245832971381/?fref=ts


Realm Productions – sounds like someone got their panties in an up knot for simple instruction that they were providing false information. This shows the true colors of people who run the site.

realmOriginal Comment::::

she didn’t just open her eyes- daily her eyes open slightly and then close during the day and have been doing this for decades – it is simple retraction and relaxation that happens to the eyelid muscles – Search Rosalia Lombardo or Sleeping Beauty – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jrbbOCuDJCE

People show their true colors by hiding behind a machine and say what they want while trying to provide a persona that is really false! Your words neither bother me nor shake me and blocking me from responding to the post your your page of private message just shows what kind of people you really are – I was simple correcting the false information you were providing and you take offense – and I’m a wanker? – lol – and get a grip. Deleting my comment does not mean it does not exist.

Grow up and grow a pair – you want to call someone out for a comment you are offended by (which isn’t offensive but corrective and informative) and then hide behind your bundled underwear that are in a knot and block them from responding – what are you ten. lol

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2015/11/27 ~ Lack Of Moral Compass

This is what happens when generation after generation after generation knows life living on the system and not making anything of themselves with an education or a job. No one needs to say they aren’t given the option of further education because a Pell Grant can put them through school. Our world is turning to shit and we have this level of mentality to deal with. I hope these idiots mess with a car of someone who has a gun or is big enough to go toe to toe with them and teach their asses a good permanent lesson. Where the hell are their parents and why do they not give a crap about how stupid they look, damage they are doing and the their lack of morals?




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2015/11/25 ~ Ungrateful

10365800_10152332112046832_2449419449034335546_nExactly society is becoming a bunch of woosy ass ungrateful’s always worried about hurting someones feelings or offending someone or crying out that they are offended – grow up – you’re really not all that damn special for others to worry about! How about thanks for providing cause we are simpletons without a clue or paddle – and oh yeah, we like to bitch a lot!!!

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2015/11/25 ~ Syrian Refugees

12274776_1087837337893733_2592764964189951575_n…..and feed them also so they don’t go into the system of leeches that are already there!

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2015/11/25 ~ Gender Roles In Education

So this teacher say gender roles need changed and forces girls (only – boys are not allowed) to play with Lego’s – during FREE time activities – sounds to be like she is holding boys back to let girls get ahead – the boys are simply not allowed to play with them – ….and forcing the girls to play with them and not dolls if they wanted is not free time – Its ASS backwards time with a Nazi Feminist with her own agenda – she should be fired immediately!

http://www.bainbridgereview.com/news/343127562.html   ~ This link has the full story!

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2015/11/25 ~ True Love

There is real love – but that fake I love you I want to be with you and everything is going to be great type of crap is in abundance in this world – it almost amuses me when I call out the fake love and that’s what it turns out to be – I would lay my life on the line for my family and that is unconditional love – if someone truly is incapable of really doing that then it is really fake and they should stop using the word because it means absolutely nothing!

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2015/11/25 ~ Blindness

It amazes me by how gullible some are by being blinded to what is right in front of their faces. Emotions like love and notions of family or friend should never cloud your judgment of what truth really is.

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