2016/03/26 ~Dad Arrested For Forcing His 8 Year Old Son To Eat Dead Puppy

Sometimes I am really taken back by how cruel humans can be. Here in this story and man makes his son eat a dead puppy as a form of punishment. It really is cruel and unusual and I am sure the son can add this to the list of what he will have to have a counselor work on later on in life.

It seems some parents just don’t care about what they do to their children and what long term side effects their behaviors have on them. I just can’t imagine what a parent think when doing something like this. The world is filled with enough bullshit for the children in our society let alone have to deal with any form of abuse – especially from a parent that is supposed to be trusted.

TRAGIC News: Dad Arrested For Forcing His 8 Year Old Son To Eat Dead Puppy As Punishment

Read more here: TRAGIC News: Dad Arrested For Forcing His 8 Year Old Son To Eat Dead Puppy As Punishment

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2016/03/24 ~ Michelle Obama Claims Her Life Is More Difficult Than A Soldier’s

Please go away you ghetto skank – you and your husband have finished ruining our country. You are such a waste of life – you and your family have been on spending sprees with 20,000 dollar dress, million dollar vacations all while our countries debt has tripled. Now you have the nerve to compare yourself to an American soldier – when they are put into a position of giving their lives so we can have our freedoms that are so precious. What the hell more do I expect from a woman that can’t keep her law license because of choices. You and your entire family will go down in history and the worst first family in American history and the biggest losers to ever set foot in the white house.

Earlier this week First Lady Michelle Obama compared her life to that of an American soldier. When Michelle was in Fort Campbell, KY, this week, she gave a speech to veterans about finding work after leaving the military. While she spoke, she mentioned that before she campaigned with Barack, she didn’t know much about what …

Read the complete story: Michelle Obama Claims Her Life Is More Difficult Than A Soldier’s…

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2016/03/17 ~ Stupid Family Of Teen Burglar Says He Had To Get Money For Clothes Somehow

Low life bred by low life’s. Now trying to make excuses for burglarizing a home – because he needs to buy clothes. WTF? What in God’s name is this damned world coming to? He looks like a loser on his way to a lifetime of being in and out of jail. What excuses will be made then. Oh wait – blame will be shifted on whitey and the conglomerate of anything and anyone keeping him down.

He could focus his energy on his education – go to school – and get out of the projects where his upbringing is. What kind of stupidity is a family saying this? Get a job. Mow a lawn. Run errands. Lazy phuck!

Isn’t the parent responsible for buying clothes for their child? I bet the Mom rolls around with a manicure, pedi and hair with extensions – but no – don’t buy your kids clothes. Make excuses for them to be a criminal and send them along a downside turn right into a 4 x 6!

Source: Angry Family of Teen Burglar Says He Had to Get Money for Clothes Somehow | http://www.independentsentinel.com

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2016/03/01 ~ Obama Calls For An End To Catholic Schools

What a scuzz bucket. Trying to unite the people by taking away religious institution. Why not unite the people by stop race baiting and creating an atmosphere where whites and blacks are pulled even further apart?

Stop attending the funerals of thugs who pull a weapon and charge an officer and stop ignoring a Supreme Justices’ funeral.

Stop making thugs think they can get away with ‘knock out’ games and other forms of attacks on whites.

Prosecute attacks on whites and attacks on black as a hate crime. Throw them in and throw away the key.

No, in the long run – Americans will unite when you are out – gone – not spending millions and millions vacationing. Not being rude at wakes and showing you clearly have no respect for the National Anthem or our flag. You are a disgrace and will go down as one of the worst presidents the United States has ever had to endure


Source: VIDEO ON TAP: Obama Calls For An End To Catholic Schools – I Have The Truth

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2016/03/01 ~ Security Forced Him To Take His Turban Off In The Airport

Looks like someones just gotta bitch up a storm about something. Before I go on I will tell you I feel the same way no matter what religious garb they are wearing or displaying. There is nothing to be shocked about – you were pulled off to the side for further investigation like many many other people – deal with it.

Stop crying like a little school girl – you wanted a mirror to put your turban back on to make sure it is crisp and that you look good and because you can’t look into a mirror to put it on you are going to act like a big sissy. Put it on the best you can – make your way to a restroom – and make it nice and crisp so you look good.

TSA is not going to cater to you and just like many judges in a court room involving barques you are not being given special privileges because you think you can command such. Woman entering public events who are wearing head coverings for religious reasons have fallen under the same situation.

Now take your cry baby arse to the little girls powder room and cry some more to someone who gives a crap – you in the mirror.

Click the link below the photo to read more from the big baby.

Quote from article ‘No one likes airport security. It’s like the rules your parents put in place to keep you safe, but instead it has you questioning why life is so unfair and suspiciously selective with their random searches. Popular YouTube comedian Jasmeet Singh, better known as Jus Reign, is a Sikh and travels often, once or twice a month, by plane. Until recently, he has never been asked to remove his turban when going through security, but that has all changed.’

Source: Security Forced Him To Take His Turban Off In The Airport. What Happened After Shocked Me

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2016/03/01 ~ These Celebrities Say They’d Leave the Country If Trump Wins

If Trump wins all I can say is ‘bye bye’… oh, and ‘don’t let the damn door hit you in the arse on the way out! Don’t look back – you have nothing to look back at and you will not be missed – not one of you!

PS: Al – you are not going anywhere – your visa isn’t available to you buddy so you are not going anywhere until you pay your back taxes you scoundrel! HaHaHaHa!

Check the link after the photo to read more – this is getting insane!?!?!?!!

These celebrities had some, uh, extreme responses to the possibility of Donald Trump winning the White House.

Source: These Celebrities Say They’d Leave the Country If Trump Wins | Fox News Insider

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2016/02/28 ~ ‘View’ Co-Host Says She’s Leaving US If A Republican Is ‘NOMINATED’

What a brain dead buffoon! Raven-Symone (Cosby Show fame) told viewers on The View that she would leave the country if a republican is ‘nominated’ – when this is part of the voting process and is guaranteed to happen.


How stupid can one person be? If these idiots keep whining and moaning about leaving the country if Trump wins or if this happens or that I will lose it.

First – you are Raven-Symone – you are a nothing has been host of a dramatically ending show with another idiot who has threatened to leave (Whoopi Goldberg). My thoughts are if you don’t like America then leave. The few times I have been outside of America’s border I am consumed with the thought that all I want to do is get back across the US border.

You can take what money you have left, your girlfriend, Whoopi and all of the other unpatriotic people threatening to leave and go. Bye Bye – no one cares.

Why you are at it can you take the Kardashians and that idiot Kanye out with you. A bag full of shit that looks like what it smells like.

Check out the following link to read more and watch a video that shows her saying this… What a joke!

Source: Brainiac ‘View’ co-host says she’s leaving US if a Republican is ‘NOMINATED’ | BizPac Review

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